World Book Day inspired family adventures

This World Book Day, take inspiration from your favourite kid’s books and enjoy a book-inspired family adventure. Here are some of my favourite places in and around Campbeltown where you can let kids’ imaginations run wild!

Take a stroll through a deep, dark wood in search of Gruffalos

The forestry paths on the slopes of Beinn Ghuilean could have come straight from the pages of Julia Donaldson’s famous book, The Gruffalo. Why not follow in mouse’s footsteps and take a stroll through the deep, dark wood?  Can you spot any log piles where snake might live? Or hollows high in the trees where owl might have his treetop house? Or fox’s underground house? Just as long as you don’t run into any Gruffalos who decide you’d taste good on a slice of bread!  

For smaller children, or if you don’t want to walk very far, there is a wee wooded area up the Cutting (a small path between Kilkerran Road and Limecraigs) which is also good for mini Gruffalo adventures.

Go on a Bear Hunt!

The beaches and coastline around Campbeltown make for great bear-hunting territory! The great thing about Michael Rosen’s We’re going on a Bear Hunt is that the story can be adapted to wherever you happen to be. So while you’re unlikely to come up against any snowstorms, you could splish splash through the sea or scrunch crunch along the sand in search of the elusive bear. Keil Caves at Southend are perfect for that authentic narrow, gloomy cave experience. (Although the main cave is actually really wide – it could house a whole family of bears!) The Gauldrons at Machrihanish with its strange rock formations, wee river and shingle and sandy beaches is a pretty good option too!

Photo of Keil Cave in Southend
Keil Caves at Southend

Look for Pirate Gold on your very own Treasure Island

Set off on a Pirate Adventure without having to use a boat! Davaar Island is accessible on foot at low tide and makes for a great family day out. Explore the Causeway and Caves and keep your eyes peeled for pirate treasure. (or shells and seaglass). Or walk round to the Lighthouse and see if you can spot any pirate ships coming in to Campbeltown Loch. Just remember to check the tide times before you go!

Photo showing Davaar Island and the causeway over to it at low tide

Be like Detective Dog Nell and sniff out the local library

If the weather isn’t great, or if you want to look for some more ideas for book-inspired adventures, head to Campbeltown Library. It has ‘books about dinosaurs, books about knights, books about planets and meteorites, books about princes who turn into frogs, books about dragons and books about dogs’ and many more besides! Child-friendly, with very helpful staff, the library quite often has kids’ activities on offer as well as a good range of kids’ books to read there or to borrow.

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