The Long and Winding Road?…Not necessarily!

Anyone who has heard the famous song by Paul McCartney and Wings understandably appears to associate Kintyre with a ‘long and winding road’. Now, it’s true, it is a fair drive to get here but, take it from one who has driven it hundreds of times, it’s really not that bad a drive and the scenery is still breath-taking, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. I’ll cover the driving option in a future blog post but for today we’re going to take a look at some alternatives, and maybe just give you some travel inspiration for your next trip.


1. Fly to Campbeltown.

If you’re all about the destination and not the journey then flying here is definitely the way to go! You can fly from Glasgow to Campbeltown in about half an hour (sometimes even less with a good tail wind – I think my record is 22 minutes!), then once you land, a quick 5 minute taxi ride and you’re here. What’s not to like?

Flights are operated by Loganair and prices start at £68 return.


2. Ferry from Ardrossan

Calmac run a seasonal ferry route from Ardrossan direct to Campbeltown, ideal if you are coming from down South (which, to us, is anywhere South of about Dumfries) or from the Central Belt. There is even a train link from Glasgow Central to Ardrossan Harbour so you can leave the car at home and enjoy a relaxing ferry journey ‘doon the watter’ to Campbeltown.


3. Island Hop

Yes, I know, Kintyre isn’t an island, but we are very close to some very popular islands! So if you’re planning a trip to Islay or Arran why not add on a wee trip to Campbeltown too?

We’re only about half an hour drive from Kennacraig (for ferries to Islay) or about 45 minutes from Clonaig (for ferries to Lochranza on Arran) so there’s really no excuse not to! And, if you add in the Adrossan – Campbeltown ferry then you’ve got a cracking wee West Coast circuit to follow, without having to double back on yourself.


Timetables and fares available from Calmac. Ardrossan – Campbeltown and Clonaig Lochranza are seasonal routes and only operate from March til September.


4. Passenger Ferry from Northern Ireland

Only 11 miles from Northern Ireland as the crow flies, Campbeltown can be easily reached from the Antrim Coast thanks to the Kintyre Express fast passenger ferry service. Popular with golfers (due to being able to take golf clubs at no extra charge) and cyclists (ditto for bikes) the 12 seater ferry provides a quick and comfortable link between Kintyre and Northern Ireland.



5. Long Distance Bike Ride

National Route 78 on the National Cycle Network, the Caledonia Way, runs from Inverness, through the Great Glen and down the West Coast to Campbeltown. Probably not one to tackle if you’re an novice cyclist, the 237 mile route offers some challenging on-road hills as well as lengthy sections of traffic-free paths through some spectacular scenery. It’s almost enough to make me want to take up cycling….almost!


Once you’ve figured out how to get here, why not check out our Explore and Events sections for some ideas of where to stay and what to do while you’re here?

Thanks to Raymond Hosie Photography for the ferry and plane photos and Sustrans for the cycling one.

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