Love in the Times of Corona

One week into lock-down, everyone is understandably worried and anxious about what these uncertain times will bring. Tourism, businesses and services, as well as individuals, have suffered an enormous blow. However, if we can take just one positive out of this whole mess, it’s the way in which the Campbeltown, and wider Kintyre, community has rallied around with offers of help flooding in from all areas to help the most vulnerable. I imagine this is reflected in communities across the country.

Here are just some examples of local businesses that have been going above and beyond to help; The Kintyre Larder, the Fish Shop and McIvors Fruit & Veg have all started offering a free local delivery service to those in self-isolation or unable to get to the shops. McIvors will even pick up some butcher meat from McGeachy‘s or groceries from McKellar’s next door for you and add it to your bill, or collect your prescription for you and deliver it with your order. Bear in mind too, that online or click and collect supermarket orders aren’t available down here, so a special shout out must also go to our local Co-op who have started a free phone order and delivery service for their most vulnerable customers.

Argyll Bakeries, who would normally be starting to gear up for catering wedding season, have started making freezable ready meals, which they’ll deliver along with any bakery goods or butcher meat you might need.

AM Transport, MACC Business Park, A Thomson Painters and Decorators and West Coast Motors have all offered their services (for free) to help local businesses and charities deliver to vulnerable and isolated people.

Beinn an Tuirc distillery, who should be getting ready to open their new gin school and cafe, have instead started making hand sanitiser. This is being donated to local charities and sold at just above cost to individuals. They are also offering free delivery on Kintyre Gin through their website with the code TASTEOFKINTYRE  (arguably less essential than hand sanitiser but we can still take some time to appreciate the finer things in life during lock down!).

I’m sure there are more so apologies to anyone I haven’t mentioned. Haven’t even got into all the key workers, charity groups and volunteers who have come forward to help!

A Plea for once this over

Our thoughts must also go to all the fantastic businesses and services that have had to close their doors until this is all over. Times are going to be incredibly hard for them so please let’s not forget them!

If you can, why not buy a voucher now to use later to treat yourself (or someone else) to a trip to the cinema, a hair or beauty treatment, a meal out, a new pair of shoes or some new clothes. Most of the local hotels and shops will provide gift vouchers so even if you can’t see anything on their website or facebook page it’s still worth getting in touch to ask. And I’m sure the gesture will be appreciated. Some, such as the Argyll Hotel in Bellochantuy, don’t even have an expiry date so you can use them whenever you want.

If you were planning a holiday here, please still come and visit once it’s safe to do so. You can use our website to help plan your trip and what to see and do when you come.

And most importantly, once this is over, let’s show our appreciation to our local shops, businesses and services by continuing to use them! (Or discover them if you are here on holiday) Let’s remember the local fruit and veg shop, butchers, fish shop and deli once the supermarket shelves are full again. Let’s go out and appreciate the fantastic services, cafes and restaurants we have on our doorstep. Go to the cinema. Go to the gym or for a swim. Take the kids to soft play. Play tennis. Go to the playpark. Go and browse in the local shops before you automatically go online. We miss these things when we can’t do them for 3 weeks, imagine if we lost them forever. Now, more than ever, our small businesses need our support. They’ve stepped up for us, surely we can do the same for them?

In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and we’ll see you on the other side!


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