Wm Cadenhead’s is Scotland’s Oldest Independent Bottler. We offer a wide range of whisky, rum, gin and cognac that you can find in the Cadenhead’s Whisky shop in Campbeltown.

Founded in 1842, in Aberdeen, we have had our headquarters in Campbeltown since 1972. Every aspect of Cadenhead’s main business is carried out in-house from cask selection, warehousing and bottling – at Springbank distillery – before being sold around the world by our sales team based in Campbeltown.

Since we moved to the south of Kintyre and have always maintained the company’s ethos and character while expanding the business with shops throughout the UK (and mainland Europe) including here in Campbeltown.

You can book Cadenhead tastings and distillery tours of Springbank and Glengyle through the Campbeltown Cadenhead shop.