Beautiful yellow and white gold jewellery designed and executed with supreme craftsmanship here in Campbeltown by local goldsmith Grant Logan.

This Kintyre born and bred jewellery designer and manufacturer embraces the traditional skills of the goldsmith, with each step of the production process taking place within the four walls of his workshop-studio on the southern shores of Campbeltown Loch.

As for his inspiration, well, he is surrounded by the raw unspoilt beauty of land, sea and nature in this magical place, all of which contribute to his inspirational jewellery designs, as evidenced by his sea, landscape and nature inspired gold jewellery.

Grant’s love of his native Kintyre undoubtedly contributes to his exceptional jewellery designs, but he is just as skilful at designing exquisite contemporary jewellery or indeed interpreting the wishes of customers to create unique jewellery commissions.

Grant Logan jewellery creations often include precious gems, the combination of different colours of gold, or texturing of the metal. There seems to be no limit to the variety of designs to emerge from the hands of this gifted Scottish goldsmith.

His bespoke engagement and wedding ring service is popular with couples wanting something that bit more individual, whilst being tailored to suit their personal budget.

Jewellery for men has always been an important area of Grant’s work. His solid gold cufflink and kilt pin designs, often with personalised detailing, make the perfect special gift.

Regardless of the piece or its destination, there is one feature common to every jewellery creation made by these gifted hands, and that is the obvious quality: of both the ingredients used, and the level of skill and care bestowed upon each item of Grant Logan gold jewellery.

The workshop is open to visitors without obligation at the following times:

Monday to Friday 08.30-12.30 and 14.00-17.30

Weekends by arrangement.

A selection of Grant Logan jewellery can also be viewed and purchased from Coastal Design Gallery and Ardshiel Hotel, both in Campbeltown.